Our approach

Echelon's tried and tested approach delivers results.

Our loss adjusting experience and industry expertise provides parity with Insurers experts and ensures you are properly represented and your interests are fully protected.

We know how insurers operate, their approach, what information they need to settle claims and how to present it. We use this knowledge to give you best advice and keep one step ahead at all times.

We have the necessary blend of skills to prepare the substantial technical and financial information to fully evidence your insurance claim and present them in the right format to optimise the claim settlement. We have credibility with the insurance market and a strong reputation for professionalism and integrity. 

We use our technical capability to present your case to best advantage and optimise the claim settlement. 

We believe that creating the right team and effective team working - with our clients and also with the insurers and their experts - is key to delivering a successful claim outcome. 

We adopt a collaborative approach to the insurer experts where possible but stand no nonsense. We challenge inappropriate or unnecessary practices whenever necessary.

Why appoint us

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Why appoint us