Ian Baxter

Ian Baxter 

Ian is a chartered loss adjuster who originally trained and worked in Northern Ireland before moving to South East Asia in 1986. Based in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore as well as holding regional roles for over 32 years, Ian moved back to the UK in early 2019 to join Echelon. During his time in Asia Ian handled major and complex claims for Insurers whilst working for loss adjusters Thomas Howell, Crawford’s, Braemar and Integra. He also worked as claims consultant for a broker before setting up Echelon’s Singapore office in 2001.

Ian has a wide experience of handling a variety of major and complex losses including immediate responses to major catastrophic events. He is well versed in the investigation, preparation, negotiation and settlement of significant claims at the highest level. He specialises in all types of property damage/business interruption and liability losses across a wide range of industry sectors including Construction, Power, Energy, retail and manufacturing.

Key claims projects involving loss values ranging from GBP 1m to GBP 100m include:

  • Philippines - Major fire/business interruption loss in hotel/casino
  • Nepal - Storm/Landslide to hydro project under construction
  • Asia - Numerous turbine/transformer PD and BI losses in power plants
  • Guam - Structural damage to hotels resulting from earthquake
  • Thailand/Maldives - Major losses in numerous hotels resulting from the 2004 Asian Tsunami
  • Myanmar - Major losses to industrial complex resulting from Cyclone Nargis
  • Indonesia - Damage to subsea power cables Java-Bali connection
  • Thailand - Multi major flood losses in Industrial Estates
  • Asia - Numerous claims for damage/failure of off-shore pipeline installations
  • Philippines/Thailand - Damage to umbilical systems for FPSOs
  • Thailand - Chaired Formal Mediation in on major contractual dispute involving contractor and oil & gas entity
  • Uganda - Structural failure at a hydro project under construction also involving delay in start-up

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For further information, please contact Ian Baxter on +44(0) 20 7558 3278