Claims Consultancy

As JLT Specialty’s specialist claims consultancy, Echelon is a global practice of chartered loss adjusters solely committed to preparing, managing, and settling major and complex claims on behalf of policyholders

Why our clients value us? 

With a culture for not resting until we achieve the best result, our team saves your business time and money. We know how insurers operate and our aim is to place you on a level footing with their experts. We know the right questions to ask, what information needs to be disclosed and what doesn’t. And we know how best to present this information to settle your claim as swiftly as possible. By using this knowledge, we can provide the best advice to ensure you stay one step ahead at all times during the claims process. Most of all, we challenge unnecessary claims procedures to ensure your interests and not the insurers, drive the settlement. 

What we do

Working across a wide range of industry sectors, we take a pragmatic, collaborative and constructively robust approach to claims processes. Our expert team supports you every step of the way, by providing your business with additional expertise and resource. We are skilled in project managing large losses and optimising the claim outcome. And by applying our tried and tested claims methodology, we are dedicated to recovering your full entitlement. 

Our team’s approach involves:

  • Developing a clear claim strategy 
  • Minimising your time in claim preparation 
  • Evaluating realistic loss estimates to manage expectations 
  • Challenging unnecessary practices, which may delay or prejudice settlement 
  • Preventing disputes and potentially costly resolution or litigation  
  • Delivering your proper entitlement from your insurance policy 
  • Expediting the settlement to save time and cost. 

Our claims consultancy service includes:  

  • Claim quantification and preparation 
  • Securing interim payments to optimise cash flow 
  • Technical and procedural advice 
  • Assessment of policy coverage 
  • Review of claim submission 
  • Negotiating settlement 
  • Claim project management 
  • Advice on loss mitigation 
  • Processes for data collection and loss measurement. 

Our expertise 

We provide the expertise to smooth the claims process and support your own resources to manage the claim. We lead the claim preparation, presentation and negotiation process. Our team offers a global service, operating across Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and Caribbean, with North and South America and Africa. Our expert team of claims professionals are industry qualified in loss adjusting, accounting, engineering, legal, building and quantity surveying and provide parity with the experts representing insurers' interests. 

Why work with us? 

  • We know how insurers operate, what information they need to settle claims and how best to present it.  
  • Our strong reputation for professionalism and integrity has earned us much credibility within the insurance market. 
  • We understand achieving a successful claims outcome results from creating the right team, and working closely with our clients and their insurers. 

Client benefits

  • We ensure your claim is settled quickly and for the right amount 
  • Our team manages your business' expectations from the claim by evaluating best and worst-case loss estimates 
  • Working with us saves you time and costs, by ensuring the claims process does not affect day-to-day performance. 

Echelon What If

For further information, please contact Candy Holland, Managing Director, Echelon Claims Consultants on +44 (0)20 3394 0494 or visit our Echelon website