Need help resolving an insurance claim dispute

It's all too easy for insurance claims to become contentious. Minor misunderstandings with your insurer can quickly escalate into serious disagreements if they are not promptly addressed and properly managed.

These disputes often arise over policy interpretation or the amounts claimed. They almost always lead to delays in the insurance claim process, which affects your cash flow, threatens your credibility and increases costs. Worse still, they can result in legal action. 

We bring a pragmatic and cost effective approach to resolving negotiation deadlocks. We will quickly investigate and assess the situation and provide an honest view on the strengths and weaknesses of your position. 

It is very important to evaluate the ‘grey' areas in these cases and consider the options available to you. This will be part of the resolution strategy that we develop to optimise your chances of success.

The essential Do's and Don'ts


  • Manage the expectations of all concerned - especially on reserve estimates and avoid surprises.


  • Sit on paperwork
  • Give information without knowing why it's required and satisfying yourself it's accurate, relevant and won't ultimately prejudice your position.
  • Volunteer more information than the loss adjuster requests.
  • Cause any delay in the repair/reinstatement process, which may give the loss adjuster grounds for reducing the period of business interruption.
Claims Dispute